United Engineering Services LLC

is a 100% Omani company that offers significant value to the country and its people. UES’ In-Country Value (ICV) approach endeavors to help the government to retain total business spends within the country and its businesses. UES also contributes to human capability development and stimulates productivity in Oman’s economy. UES supports Oman Society for Petroleum Services (OPAL) in continually increasing and improving the Omanization level.
The company designed and implemented ICV programs which support Oman’s ICV drive and deliver visible results through 7 elements.

Investments in Fixed Assets

UES’ 220,000 sqm facility in Al Rusayl delivers local fabrication and machining capabilities on a scale unlike any other in Oman. Additionally, UES has access to modern machining equipment, investing in further developing Omani industries.

Omanization in the Work Force

UES’ ICV tracking system gives a clear picture of localization values, performance, and workhours for each of our contracts. These values are submitted accurately to our clients quarterly or semi-annually to demonstrate our commitment to our Omanization promise. Additionally UES facilities enjoy a higher localization percentage than the industry average. As part of its ICV strategy, UES creates new jobs for Omani locals and helps new employees to establish and follow the recognized career path

Training of Omanis

UES provides comprehensive training to build a pool of Omani skilled cadres via on-the-job skill-based training utilizing the most widespread equipment in the market. The company also encourages knowledge transfer by bringing top-class international technologies and processes to boost employee’s knowledge and performance.

Local Sourcing of Goods

UES takes care to source a high percentage of its materials and consumables locally, thereby supporting Oman’s local suppliers and delivering in-country value along the value chain, from procurement to the final product.

Sourcing of Subcontracted Services

Engineering, Fabrication and Machining of UES products and services is done in Oman. The company supports local manufacturers by subcontracting certain services locally, creating a local cycle of value.

Development of SMEs

UES support local small and medium sized companies (SMEs) by including them in most company projects to boost their businesses growth.


Development of National Training, Education and R&D Institutions

UES endeavors to train fresh graduates from various higher education institutions in the company, aiming to enhancing their knowledge and experience in the real world. Our aim is to build significant skills to help these students and graduates follow their desired career path in the future. At the end of the training period, some of these trainees join UES as new employees.