High-speed vessels with ultimate versatility and customization.

Some of Our Marine and Ranges Clients :


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Our Marine Agencies:


LeisureCat is a Power Catamaran Builder based in Western Australia.

Seatek Engines:

Seatek was established in 1986 and provides advanced Marine Propulsion Technologies for leisure and specialized use.

Rhino Linings:

RhinoLinings is a US- based firm offering protective applications for vehicles, ATVs, Boats, and other vehicles.


TwinDisc’s products include Veth Propulsion, transmission, and propulsion control systems for Marine.

Shockwave Seats:

SHOCKWAVE is a Canadian company with a global presence. It designs and manufactures marine suspension seats for professional and recreational boating markets.
Our Ranges and training facilities Agencies:


VirTra created immersive science-based training simulations designed to teach a variety of cognitive and psycho-motor skills.

Marine Design, Building and Modification

UES Marine has the capability to design, build, and modify vessels ranging from 30 ft to 60 ft in length for a range of customers, including defense clients. Our high-speed boats can perform complex maneuvers and operations for a versatile number of client requirements. All models can be built under survey to DNV Rules, and UES also provides dockyard, repair and maintenance services for vessels.

Marine Composite Technology

UES Marine has adopted advanced composite technologies including 3D infusion to ensure high performance and stability. The unique properties of high strength construction fibers, basalt, carbon, kevlar and high strength epoxy resins provide the optimum strength to weight ratio.

Ranges and Training Facilities

United Engineering Services is the exclusive agent of Action Target ranges in Oman. Action Target is a US-based firm which provides a range of military products for both commercial use and by law-enforcement agencies.
In-House Capabilities

Our Marine in-house capabilities include: